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Our advisors receive 100% of their commissions & bonuses- We receive an override from the insurance carrier. Therefore- the increase in your productivity will never cut in to your income potential. learn more

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An MGA Who Provides Top Notch Training and Support

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Meet Our Management Team

  • Gary Profile
    Gary Mandel – President & CEO

    Gary’s vision and leadership rocketed IFCG into one of the strongest MGAs in the Toronto market. He knows that a successful business hinges on the successful interaction of ALL the people involved.

  • Jaymie Bongard
    Jaymie Bongard

    Reputation and proven expertise have made Jaymie a much sought-after speaker. He has spoken and conducted seminars at several insurance company conferences – Advocis and Cartier Partners, to name just two.


5 MGA Problems You Won’t Encounter at IFCG

1. Your applications get processed painfully slowly and you’ve got no control over it

The average processing time for applications with an Attending Physicians Statement is an additional 19 days. Does your MGA really do everything they can to get them processed fast? They tell you that they do everything, but all they really do is send your application by courier and then they wait and do nothing. We cut the processing time in half! Our Attending Physician Statements are back in 9 days or less... MORE>

2. Your MGA doesn’t return calls on time, and when they do, they don’t have all the answers for you.

How often do you leave a voice mail about an urgent question, and then wait and wait … and wait …If this is the way you like to do business, then skip this section and keep on waiting … MORE>

3. They pay you less than you deserve, and some weaker producers actually get a higher bonus than you

We believe that’s not right! Bonuses have to be fair. But how much is a fair bonus? Bonus levels should depend on your production and performance. But, typically, a broker who is a good negotiator ends up with the better bonus... MORE>

4. You’re handcuffed when you try to switch MGAs.

Have you ever tried to switch away from your MGA? Well, if you have, you probably discovered that it can be a nightmare. Most MGAs are only nice to you until the moment you want to leave... MORE>

5. You need to speak with the underwriters directly, and your MGA blocks your attempts

Many MGAs don’t like you to call the underwriters to ask for help. In fact, they don’t even want to speak to the underwriters on your behalf. They feel their relationship with the underwriters will be at risk if they bug them too much. They don’t want you to call them either, for the same reason. MORE>